Application Process

Application Process:

To apply for our 2011 internship program in Shanghai or Taipei, simply follow the process below:
  • Step 1: Send us your resume and fill out an internship application form. $50 USD application fee is due in order to kick off the application process.
  • Step 2: Discuss your internship expectations with the staff of EnvisionCareers
  • Step 3: EnvisionCareers will forward your resumes & application form to the appropriate employers based on your internship preference
  • Step 4: When an employer expresses interest in taking you as a summer intern, EnvisionCareers will arrange a phone interview between you and the employer. We will coach you for the interview to maximize your chance of being selected as an intern. 
  • Step 5: If you and the employer both agree to proceed with the internship, EnvisionCareers will send you an Internship Agreement Letter with the details of your internship program
  • Step 6: You review the letter & confirm it is correct. A deposit of $300 USD is due at this step.
  • Step 7: EnvisionCareers sends you a “Welcome Kit” and you are officially admitted to our internship program! Our staff will help you prepare your trip to Taipei, Taiwan!
  • Step 8: Remaining amount of the program fee is due one month prior to the start date of your internship
  • Step 9: Fly to Asia to start your internship!