Internship Placement

Through our vast network of business relationships, we create and discover internships at leading companies that are not publicly available.  We regularly update our website with the latest paid and non-paid available positions.  Our opportunities include, but are not limited to:
  • Marketing - Consumer research, product promotion, strategic marketing
  • Consulting - management, finance and accounting, non-profit
  • Banking - Investment banking, Equity research, Sales and trading
  • Alternative investments - Hedge Funds, Private equity, Venture capital
  • Start-up - Working with C-level exec or owner of up and coming start-up.

Current Internship Positions:

- New!  Marketing & Business Development Internship opportunity at EnvisionCareers! You will be working with us to expand our services internationally and help us develop marketing materials. (Take this position and your internship fee will be waived!)

- NEW!  internship opportunity to work in the VC arm of TrendMicro! You get to work with the founder! 

- NEW!  Product marketing / strategy internship available at Yahoo! Taipei!

- NEW! opening at 95 magazine, a trendy magazine in Taiwan.

- NEW! openings at a fashion boutique store in downtown Taipei. You'll be able to work with the creative director of the store, learn everything from design to fashion merchandising. A great opportunity for anyone looking to enter the fashion industry.

- Marketing & Sales intern at Enspyre, a telemarketing company serving global customers such as IBM, Google and Microsoft. ( 

- Marketing & Software Development intern at ezTable, providing service similar to OpenTable  (

- Marketing intern at 

- Marketing & Sales intern at Kismart, a company specializes in LCD display technology (

- Project Management Assistant, UI designer, Game developer at Cardinal Blue Software, a Silicon Valley startup specializing in building fun games for Facebook. ( )

- Summer intern at Chiao Da Property Management Company (

Project Management Intern at Papayo Holiday, a travel agency committed to deliver fantastic travel experience ( )

Product Development Intern at OgeO Technology, a startup designing web / mobile games. (

- Marketing intern at Elsevier, world's leading publisher in health and science information. (

- Summer intern at GenieCapital, an internet-business incubator. (

- Summer intern for GUNetwork, an e-business consulting firm. (

To see more internship opportunities, please contact us at or 408-414-7398