Summer 2011 Internship Opportunities

We are working with top employers from various industries to provide you with the best internship experience this summer. Through our vast network of business relationships, we create and discover internships at leading companies that are not publicly available.  We regularly update our website with the latest paid and non-paid available positions.  Our opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Sales & Marketing - internet marketing, consumer research, product advertising & promotion, international marketing
  • Finance - venture capital firms, accounting, fund house
  • Start-up - Working with C-level exec or owner of up and coming start-up.
  • Government - american or international trade center in Asia
Sales & Marketing
Do you consider yourself outgoing and creative? Are you interested in helping company promote their products & services? An internship in the sales & marketing function will help you develop key skill sets of a succesful marketer. It is also a great opportunity to understand the ins-and-outs of different industry. 
 FinanceHave you always wanted to know what it feels like to be an investment banker and help corporations make important investment decisions? Or maybe you are interested in accounting or corporate finance? No matter what your interests are, an internship within the finance industry will help you get your foot in the door and build connections that are crucial in getting a full-time job in the future.
Internet Start- Up
Want to be the next Facebook or Twitter? Interested in working with a group of intelligent and high-energy entrepreneurs to showcase your creativity? If you can handle working in a fast-paced environment and have ideas that can change the world, an internship with an internet start-up is right for you. 

      2011 Available positions:
  • Fashion Designer Intern at Emely:  Emely is a women's clothing label created by Tainan Enterprise, one of Asia's best known textile group. Emely is always looking for talented designer to bring them fresh perspetives on the latest trend. You will have the opportunity to learn from the best and strengthen all the basic skills of a fashion designer. (Location - Shanghai)

  • Marketing & Sales Intern at Pinkoi: Pinkoi is an up-and-coming online shopping store based in Taipei, Taiwan. The company is young, creative, and entrepreneurial. Their mission is to create an online platform for Taiwanese designers and help promote the Taiwanese design. It's an exciting internship opportunity for anyone who's interested in learning more about e-commerce and planning about starting their own business one day. (Location - Taipei)
  • Finance Intern at boutique investment firm: There are several financial institutions looking for interns this summer. If you've taken relevant business courese in college and are interested in investment in Asia, this internship is a great way to get exposure in the industry and meet contacts who can refer you full-time employment opportunity in the future. (Location: Taipei, Beijing)

  • Law firm Internship: A full-service law firm with a focus in Greater China is looking for a intern this summer. If you are a law school student, and can speak basic Mandarin, French or of German, you are eligible to apply for this position. One of the benefits of working with this firm is that there will be plenty of networking opportunities and the chance of being involved in high-profile legal cases.
  •  Call us at +886-2-2708-3805 to learn more about our other internship positions. We can start matching you with an employer immediately based on your resume and industry preference.